Dusty boots ‘n all

Ok so here we go. Engine’s fired up, open road’s ready. Gosh, am I?

I studied Psychology. Yep, not art. I remember as a little girl dreaming of an Italy I’ve never seen, and sitting by its cobbled stone streets I have yet to walk on, and be perched with sketch pad and pencil in hand, drawing. I remember as a kid, my counter thought was that I first have to make money. What will I live on, silly girl. Surely I cant think there’s a fridge like the one in mom’s kitchen that just magically produces new content parked somewhere there by the side of a street, ready to feed a dreamer. Cool idea though (pun intended)

After finishing my honours degree, I looked at a stretch of road that was full of ideas, and fears. What now? I didn’t study art, because I was told not to by people who said so from a sincere place of their personal experience. I heeded. I studied human science. Following my graduation, I applied my hand to make a living from working with my hands, like my family has done. What a ride! No seriously. I have to my credit, a list of amazing people I call friends. They have encouraged me in my strengths, and encouraged me in my weaknesses. If you have some of these quality souls, celebrate them. They are worth it.

I found in doing what my hands found to do to feed my face, that I also love leather. It is a craft that holds my deep respect. With each piece you make from raw veg-tanned material, it makes something in you in return. This love too was sparked by influence of this grandpa named Claude. He was swagger and dapper and nailed the three-piece suit back in his day. Now Jenny, let’s not be hasty. The day will come that I write more on that understated and timeless material. The day will come that I visit Italy for art and leather. For now, you’ll see me paint it as finished products.

Shoes. They are by far my favourite accessory in the attire line-up. Not merely because of their aesthetic addition, but what they are in function. They are the hard workers of the wardrobe. They keep you going and get you where you need to be. Their wear shows me you have come a way. And I salute you for that. They are humble, and they take the most hits. They are built to last (if made properly) and come with stories (if taken care of).

Shoes. Yes, I love ‘em. And you will see many of them in my art. When you do, know that they come with a story. And like friends who keep you going and are in themselves a product of quality craftsmanship and care, the shoes make the man (or woman, in my case). You are welcome to give them your own story, I am sure you have many. In fact, if you have a pair dear to your heart, I invite you to share it with me. I’ll even make them into a piece of art for you.

So come on in, dusty boots ‘n all. Rest a while from your day’s journey. I’ll put the kettle on while you have a look at some pretty pictures I made.

Sugar and cream?

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