Dreams. Way up high.

Well hello there good people.

Blog. Say whaaat? When was the last time that I wrote something for this free outlet that is awarded me? Gosh. Blush. Ok, I get the point.

Luckily, there aren’t really any rules to this (or, if there are; whoops)

My last entry was about my first expo and the launch of Claude Illustration. I recall standing in the crowd there with a moment of silence, just looking. The people were buzzing in conversation way above the decibels of the carefully selected playlist. I don’t mind that, as long as everyone is enjoying themselves, being challenged or encouraged, then I’d say job done. In this moment of silence amidst the crowd of viewers, the 4 years leading up to this point spread open like a scene from Minority Report. Ok, not a Tom Cruise ambassador (save Top Gun…that could possibly be for the clothing, styling and Porsche 356 in the movie…what can I say, need for speed) I digress.

I was reminded of the distinct 1460 odd days of monochrome that added to that moment. That moment of silence in a crowd, of old and new friends, eating and drinking and being merry…looking at my art and my art looking back at them.

I realized that Providence isn’t just a random show on TV, but something that He actively set in motion long before I had thought to spell the word. Every small or big battle, discomfort, humiliation, restart, every compliment sincere or not, every word spoken giving life or death to my soul; prepared me for each next step. Damn, I just took another moment to read that again and feel it’s weight.

Someone once said that hind sight is perfect sight, and I realized that each battle prepared me for the next one. The battles aren’t from the hand of a sadistic Heavenly Father, but a product of a broken world with broken people, living from broken minds. I am one of them. His gracious hand in guiding me through each one, building me to build others too… wow. I guess He’s into rebuilding.

Dreams. Yes, even dreams are rebuilt when we choose to be faithful with our battle(s). Come to think of it, even when we are not, He still is. Thankfully. Those very dreams that break as the battle cracks on, another swing, are never ruined beyond redemption.

Dreams. They really do come true, and the above moment of silence was when I realized just that…one of the big dreams came true. To be an artist. Not only that, but I was reminded softly of something I muttered under my breath as a younger version of myself “oh, in another life with another career I could maybe exhibit some art as a professional in this stylish and timeless Stellenbosch town”. Pinch. There I was. Smack in the middle of that “one day”.

All this ramble and “me” talk, to bring you something for the next mile that you still need to keep going on without an image on the horizon. Dreams; I’m sure you have/ had. Keep going beyond your capability, even if you felt like you lost you along the way a long time ago. Days string along and you were just too weary to pick yourself up. Keep going. Somewhere over the rainbow, dreams really do come true…and when you see it unfold as slow as what Spring does to the flower, you realize that those dreams, they are only the start. All these words I don’t just say (yes, Metallica), sincerely.

The best is indeed yet to come, and like Hagrid said, “what’s coming will come & we’ll meet it when it does” Words I live by. Meet it with the company of solid individuals who were right there in the madness, with Mercy and Truth written on your heart, on your arm…you’ll be more than fine, and mileage is cool, so don’t fear failing. Just be you.

Then, because there are no rules to this, I am going to tell ya’ll about the other expo’s and some journeys after this deep house chat we just had. Let’s see this post as the bridge between a period of silence, so much work happened in it and will share a bit here, soon ok. In the meantime, I leave you with this open road (the blur is intentional).

| photo cred: Lindy Truter |



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