So I hosted an opening exhibition for Claude Illustration in one of South Africa’s art mecca’s, Stellenbosch.

The town itself is a work of art. As you walk through the narrow streets, you feel Europe all around you. Your stroll will take you past famous oak trees that celebrate their 130-something birthday. Classic Cape Dutch architecture is the tell tale that you find yourself in the second oldest established town in South Africa. Well roasted coffee is a walk away, artisan bread, good food, local wine (the town is rather famous for her wines), art galleries, public art in the form of statues and of course the odd Dutch or German tourist asking which way is Andringa Street.

The PJ Olivier Art Centre was the gallery that held up my recent work. The upper room was the perfect setting, with old copper chandeliers, heavy wooden-framed windows, and the smell of wood and wet paint.

The set-up was a planned affair. I figured, if you don’t have to rush and run around close to the event date, then why the heck should you? Now of course there will be some small challenges that pop up here and there the week of, but if I could help it, I wanted to actually “be” there, smell like a lady, and also enjoy the show.

This said, with many lists made and quotes gathered, the exhibition took its shape.

Show time! The evening came with a decorated team of helpers who jumped in to give hand. The music lead the many viewers to the warm upper room where old friends met and new ones were made. All things from serious to silly were discussed. The table was by far one of my favourite features – a solid, rugged wood table top on plints. The food; honest “dude food” – mini gourmet cheese burgers and “boerewors” rolls (South Africa’s version of a hot dog). The drinks, most things local. From craft beer to wine. The only import that had to be there was an Irishmen, a Mr Jameson to tink a tumbler to. If victory is the tale, then a whiskey is the deal.

The theme? “Overcome”

These pieces shaped around various roads that asked for an enduring step. These pieces were the monuments that He and I raised up to remind me and any who see them, to never give up. Never give up on Faith, never give up on Hope, and mostly that Love never gives up on us.

All the pieces arranged themselves rather neatly into the following sub-catagories:

-leather shoes
-blooms on black

All of the above are symbols of just that, overcoming.

[the ranges will find there way to the website very so you can have a closer look and get your hands on the limited prints, don’t fret :)]

What or Who have you placed in front of you, to keep you going through the tough? Do you have a monument to a time of challenge, a scar left and a heart won? Make them, treasure them. Like memories, though these keep us humble, they remind us where we come from, they become the inspirational stories we impart to the next in line. Write your story. Make an item that tells a story. Make it you, fiercely and delicately so.

Let’s be who we were made to be. Let’s remember to live and love and learn and teach. Let’s fill our walls with stories.

Overcomers, we are.

In more current news:

In the wake of this devastating quake that hit Nepal and the heart that the survivors and relief workers have shown to rise up from this, here is a list of international organisations you can check out to donate to, to help in the relief. If not an international aid, maybe check out which local church communities or organisations are sending teams or relief and find out how you can contribute; time, prayer and/ or money. We overcome, because we are not alone. We overcome, because He has overcome and enables us to stand and give. Please only do so as your heart leads you. Here’s that list:


UN Food Project

International Relief Teams

Save the Children

Salvation Army

The “thank you’s”:

The Big Man upstairs – my Heavenly Father, for He has been and may He always be the One Who inspires me the most. Thank You for the talent, may it always honour You.

My family – the motorhead father, the bush-rugged brother and the classy mother. The Steve McQueen family 🙂

My friends, and the far away exhorter – you fine, fine quality things you.

The guests – thank you for rocking up in droves and sharing a chat and a look-through.

PJ Olivier Art centre – for the venue.

The Room – for the music.

Janette – for the food-help.

Jessie [ Life Through a Viewfinder ]- for the vid and the snaps.

That’s all.

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